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придбати книгу Medical and Biological Physics
Medical and Biological Physics
Medical and Biological Physics
Medical and Biological Physics
Medical and Biological Physics
Medical and Biological Physics

Medical and Biological Physics

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Chalyi A.
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Опис книги Medical and Biological Physics

Chalyi A.
Chalyi A.
The problems of evolution of living and non-living nature and the whole Universe still attract great interest and agitate inquisitive human mind. It becomes possible to look into micro- and macrocosms due to a materialistic scientific approach (we will not touch on theology, which may exist since the number of faithfuls is much bigger than the number of atheists on the Earth). Really, on one hand, modem telescopes give us an opportunity to study very distant regions of the Universe, which keeps expanding with the speed rising at the periphery due to Hubble’s law. These distant regions of the Universe are now at the distance of three billion light years, i.e. 2.8-10“ m, and move with the speed 90,000 km/s which is about one third of the light velocity. It is interesting to mention that the speed of expansion of far galaxies may become almost equal to the light velocity but the intensity of their radiation will approach zero at that time, due to modem theory of the Universe evolution. These very far regions of the Universe will be at the distance of about 10 billion light years and will have the speed of expansion about 300,000 km/s. Just these regions determine the boundary (the radius) of the Universe as per our perception. Thus, this Universe is finite, due to a materialistic scientific approach. On the other hand, the most powerful elementary particle accelerators give us an opportunity to study the processes taking place inside the atomic nucleus, i.e. at the distances less than 10-15 m. Nowadays we know even about the internal structure of so-called elementary particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, etc), namely about quarks and quanta of quark field - gluons. The understanding of processes of cell origin (their typical sizes are about 10~® m) came from the study of evolution processes in the living nature at the distances intermediate to the farthest (more than 10“ m) and the smallest (less than 10_,s m). The cells emerged due to creation of plasmatic membranes creation. It is the process concerned with so-called self-assembly of lipid molecules in the aquatic environment, which is absolutely known, i.e. its probability equals 1. The biophysics of membrane processes (and also molecular biophysics, biophysics of compound systems) gained much success in dose association with other exact natural sciences. One must use both precise
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